Chocolate Mousse – Easy To Make Chocolate Recipe – Homemade Desserts

Learn how to make Chocolate Mousse at home in just a few easy steps. Are you a fervent chocoholic? If yes, then this chocolate mousse recipe is just perfect for you. Indulge in the goodness…

34 thoughts on “Chocolate Mousse – Easy To Make Chocolate Recipe – Homemade Desserts”

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  2. i have just done this exact recipe and let me tell ya it was amazing i just
    didn’t know which cream to use haha but i loved it

  3. You can make this a mocha mousse if you use coffee (espresso is best)
    instead of water with the gelatin. And you can make that stronger if you
    melt instant coffee into a simple syrup. Or just melt it into a little
    water and don’t add extra sugar if you want it stronger if you’re a coffee
    lover like me. It’s so good. You should try it.
    By the way, I’m a bit amazed at people saying this is too complicated
    because they don’t have the appliances and/or ingredients. By that logic
    toast is hard too because you need to buy bread and have a toaster. Just
    use a whisk and melt the chocolate in a saucepan. Problem solved. It’s not
    like you need to be a chef to do it. It’s easy, I swear.

  4. Hi Ruchi. What an easy nd quick recipe. Just one question – can I use
    cornstarch to thicken the chocolate? Thank much 

  5. OMG i made this at home but actually i didn’t put Oreo and cream at the top
    i used some nuts and i also used fruits like strawberry and kiwi and it was
    delicious thank you for this i am watching all your videos and they are
    helping me alot THANKS AGAIN !!!!!

  6. @Sanam Shaikh if you are muslim you can use plant based or fish based
    gelatin. If you simply don’t eat gelatin, I think you can skip it.

  7. Instead of cream and whipped cream, can I take the top thick part of fresh
    Amul cream as whipped cream and the watery part as cream which you added
    first And can I use cocoa powder instead of chopped chocolate

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