44 thoughts on “Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe – Bruno Albouze – THE REAL DEAL”

  1. Love your accent man specially when you say go to DAWBELLYOU DAWBELLYOU, I
    was eating and everything in my mouth got on my computer screen! Love your
    channel thank you!

  2. Your an amazing chef. You should definitely have your own cooking show on
    the food channel. You could easily be an iron chef.

  3. Thank you very much for all the recipes but let me ask you something: what
    drama/acting school did you go to?

  4. Hi Bruno, your recipe is wonderful. I am curious about the Milk and white
    chocolate. Should I use unsweetened milk and white chocolate baking chips
    or normal sweet milk and white chocolate? Do you have any good
    recommendation about chocolate? If you can answer me these questions, I
    would really appreciate it.

  5. I alredy prepared it and you cannot believe how good it is. It’s delicious!
    Give it a try.Thanks Bruno!!

  6. Wow ,,
    I gonna try inshallah , but i have question ,, can i use big pan because i
    don’t have ur circle !!
    Thanks 😉 

  7. +Bruno Albouze I was asked to make two types of desserts for a Valentine’s
    dinner event for married couples. I am in love with this recipe! I need to
    make enough for 50 couples. Do you have a larger scale of this recipe?
    Thank you! ❤️

  8. Encore une recette qui met l’eau à la bouche! 🙂

    Pourquoi badigeonner les gâteaux dans un sirop de vanille? Je crois que
    c’est une bonne idée, mais est-ce qu’il y a une autre raison à part pour le

    En tout cas, merci d’avoir partagé!

  9. BRAVO! Bruno … I was very entertained by you and wanted to subscribe just
    because of your introduction … but after watching your entire video … I
    had to … Thank you for sharing #muah!

  10. I spent over 3 hours making this mousse cake including watching the video
    and reading the recipe over and over. Recipe (proportion of ingredients)
    seems to be fine, but the directions suck. I am not a newbie, and decided
    to give this recipe a try just because I liked Bruno’s passion about the
    cake 🙂 Won’t do it again, sorry Bruno. For the same texture and flavor
    there are easier recipes

  11. Even before watching how this is made, I drooled just from the intro 0:07-
    0:12. LOL! This mousse looks too darn tempting and delicious! 

  12. I am italian american but i now like french foods as well. Thank you for
    showing me what true french cuisine is

  13. Made this tonight, was a long process but I look forward to having it
    tomorrow. 🙂 If I learned anything from baking and cooking, it’s that lazy
    made food taste bad, and this recipe is far from lazy. 🙂 thanks, and I
    look forward to trying more of your recipes!

  14. Ahahah I’m only a couple seconds in and I’m already laughing x) I love the
    way you describe the cake xD 

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